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NewCombi Shuttle Travel System, Red Chili
Infant Car Seat 5-20 lbs
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NewBaby Stroller Travel System Fold N Go Infant Lightweight Buggy Folding Umbrella
End time: 11-Jun-17 12:20:55 PST

NewCombi Shuttle Infant Travel System, Red Chili
Infant Car Seat 5-20 lbs
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Where can I buy Combi Travel System strollers? I live in Orange County and only see them on line.?

Thanks for the alleviate!

Objectively I would get a different one. My SIL has one and it is a big P.O.S. I love my evenflo one.

Where ever you find them on parade, that store might carry them..

I looked and found some at Babies R Us..

i'm looking at a Combi travel system - any thoughts/suggestions?

Travel systems are gentlemanly - I havent heard any complaints about the Combi brand. However, if I had to do it all over again, I would have bought a regular convertible car seat (one that switches from ass facing to forward facing) and a seperate all-terrain 3-wheel stroller.

I hate the plastic wheels on the strollers that awaken with the travel systems - they never roll right and are noisy. The all terrain strollers have air-filled tires and can go from the mall to the parking lot to hardly about any surface without problems.

What stroller/car seat travel system have you had that you really like?

I actually want something easy to use and that isnt too bulky. I am having my fifth baby and will use it a lot. I had the Graco combo with my last cosset, but I really think that the stroller is pretty bulky. My husband and I saw the Combi stroller/car seat yesterday and actually liked it and then I read the reviews which weren't too great! I am kind of thinking Britax, but I just don't be!

I have the Chicco Cortina and passion it. One great feature is on the stroller the handle has three height setting that you can easily change which is great because I'm terse and my husband is tall and it allows for both of us to push the stroller comfortably. Also the stroller folds smaller than graco's. One matter it doesn't have on the carseat part is those hooks that fit onto shopping carts, but it does fit there fine. Although no carseat is made to go on the shopping tote, but in reality almost everyone does it. But I always felt safer with it in the basket of the shopping cart instead of up top. And I also like that when the carseat is in the stroller you can acclimatize the shade top in both directions so you can easily see your baby and they are still blocked from the sun. One other thing is that there doesn't seem to be a convenient place to attribute any stroller toys. Not a big deal but just worth mentioning. Overall I really like the chicco. It sells for about $260. The carseat is personal property rear facing up to 22 pounds.